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Chairman (Acting)

Hirofumi Nakasone, Vice Chairman

Hirofumi Nakasone

Hirofumi Nakasone was born on November 28, 1945 and attended Keio University, where he graduated from the Faculty of Business and Commerce. In 1964 he joined Asahi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. He left the company in 1983. He was elected to the House of Councillors in 1986 where he has been re-elected to six consecutive terms. He has served as Chairman, Committee on the Budget, Executive Adviser to the Prime Minister, and President, Judge Impeachment Court, among other posts. In 1999 he was Minister of Education, Science, Sports and Culture, and in 2008 he was Minister for Foreign Affairs. Since 2007 he has served as Vice Chairman and Acting Director of the Japan-Korea Cooperation Committee. Since 1999 he has been a Director and in 2016 he became Vice Chairman at Nakasone Peace Institute.

Vice Chairman

Akio Mimura, Vice Chairman

Akio Mimura

Akio Mimura formerly served as Chairman of Nippon Steel Corporation and now serves as Honorary Chairman. From 2006 to 2009, he served as Vice Chairman of KEIDANREN and since 2013 serves as Chairman of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Ichiro Fujisaki, Vice President

Ichiro Fujisaki

Ichiro Fujisaki joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1969, and went on to serve as Deputy Director General for Asian Affairs, Political Minister at the Embassy of Japan in Washington, DC, Director General for North American Affairs, Deputy Foreign Minister, and Ambassador to the UN and WTO in Geneva. He served as Ambassador to the United States in 2008 until 2012. He is currently distinguished professor and Chairman for International Strategies of Sophia University. He also is the president of the America-Japan Society, Inc.

Vice President

Hisamitsu Arai, Vice President

Hisamitsu Arai

Hisamitsu Arai received a bachelor degree in law from University of Tokyo, master of public administration and master of arts and science (economics) from Harvard University. He joined the Ministry of International Trade and Industry in 1966, took various positions including Vice Minister for International Affairs. He has been engaged in policy making and implementation of industrial growth, international trade and energy. He served as Chairman of Nippon Export & Investment Insurance (NEXI) and President of Tokyo Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co. Ltd (SBIC).

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